TOMI OTEE - Style Meets Sustainability in a Very Distinctive Golf Shirt

Polo style golf shirts, it's fair to say, have become ubiquitous.

They're worn by men, women and children in the cities and suburbs of just about every country on earth.   They come in a plethora of colors and prints, and these days they're likely to be made in some sort of lightweight, moisture-wicking performance fabric.

I own several dozen golf shirts, most of which I rarely, if ever, wear. Then there are the few I put on all the time. These are the ones in the colors I love...  that fit just right.  They're the rare gems, and at this point my small, coveted collection is somewhat worse-for-the-wear.

Several weeks ago however, I came upon a couple of golf shirts that have categorically... and very quickly... become my favorites.

The company that makes these stellar shirts is TOMI OTEE, an enterprise with a vision that goes well beyond the attractive, innovative shirts they've created. I met the founder of TOMI OTEE, Thomas Ferré earlier this year in New York City where he'd recently been selected to receive the prestigious French-American Entrepreneurship Award.

I must admit to wondering... initially... what there might possibly be about a new golf shirt that could set it apart in a meaningful way from the rest,  but I didn't wonder for long.  As he told me the TOMI OTEE story and presented the various shirt styles, it quickly became clear that Ferré had chosen to focus not only on producing golf apparel that was stylish, innovative and comfortable, but also on the effect his products and production methods might have, long term, on the planet we all share.  With TOMI OTEE this young entrepreneur aims to create a business with a positive impact, from sourcing to recycling... from local manufacturing to meaningful support of children's charities.

The shirts themselves are made from certified sustainable fabric, either organic cotton the long sleeve pique polo I'm wearing above...or the extra soft, moisture-wicking 100% bamboo of the short sleeve jersey polo I've got on in the image below.

TOMI OTEE shirts are tapered, but in no way binding... which creates a flattering silhouette that allows for ample movement.  Color-wise, both the men's and women's styles come in a myriad of solids and stripes.  Contrasting trim can be found in the TOMI OTEE company logo... a jaunty little golden age golfer... It's also present in collar trim and in TOMI OTEE's "golfer's quiver", an innovative tee pocket, elegantly built into the pocket of each  shirt.  It's a unique feature that sets these polos apart... and allows a golfer to have some extra tees at the ready when needed.

Throughout the fall I've been wearing my long sleeved TOMI OTEE polo regularly. It's warm enough that I find I don't need to layer up as much as I normally do. It's also very easy to care for and has held up beautifully through many machine wash-and-dryings, no shrinkage issues like one might anticipate with cotton... clearly, the quality is excellent.

TOMI OTEE golf polos come in men's and women's sizes S-XXL.  Each shirt... in each style... costs $70.00 and comes in its own white cotton shirt bag. The price includes shipping/handling as well as a donation to a children's charity via TOMI OTEE's "Tee for Two" program . I can't think of a better holiday gift for the stylish, socially concious, nature-loving golfer... or for anyone who appreciates well made, eco-friendly clothing.

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