2013 US Open at Merion - A Historic Course & Red Basket Golf Swag

U.S. Open 2013 - Merion
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"I love Merion... and I don't even know her last name." ~ Lee Trevino

The quote is an amusing ode to the Golden Age golf course where, in 1971, Trevino won his second US Open in an 18-hole playoff over Jack Nicklaus.  

Nicklaus himself has admitted to a longstanding love affair with the Pennsylvania beauty, as have countless players, writers and fans. 

However over the past few decades, the beloved Merion, has come perilously close to becoming a victim of her historical layout. 

Some felt it could no longer stand up to the demands of a US Open; that modern equipment... and increasingly athletic golfers... had made the 135 acre course obsolete. Others cited the logistics of a 21st century tournament, with massive merchandise tents and huge corporate hospitality installations.

However Merion's magnetism... combined with the determination and creativity of it's members... ultimately won the day. Holes were lengthened, bunkers added and fairways narrowed down... and innovative solutions were put into place to handle logistics. In less than five months the US Open will again be contested on the fairways and greens of Merion's East course.

What will not be changed in Merion's transformation to a 21st Century Open venue, are the club's red, wicker-topped pins. It seems there had been thoughts of replacing the iconic baskets with traditional flags, but members voiced their concerns and... I'm happy to say... the distinctive red orbs will remain.

That brings me to the subject of the golf swag. I happen to love Merion's logo, which features the curious aforementioned flagstick, set against a tuft of scotch broom, which features in the course's landscape. It's wonderfully rendered for the 2013 US Open and the Lee Wybranski design will be available on all sorts of items for sale at the tournament and online. 

The poster is particularly wonderful and though I fully intend to make to Merion in June I've already ordered mine.