KStew and RPattz Back on Course With a Super Twilight Golf Date

photo credit: Angie22Arts via photopin cc (some rights reserved)
The last time we saw Kristen Stewart on a golf course, Forbes magazine had just declared her the highest paid actress in Hollywood and the offscreen romance she'd been having with Robert Pattinson... her handsome co-star in the Twilight series... was just about to hit a rough patch.

That balmy day in early July, she played a casual round with her Dad and a couple of friends, wearing her supposedly steady boyfriend's shirt.  Many observers found the gesture endearing, though the golf purists were quick to point out that the baggy collarless top... and the cutoff khaki shorts she paired it with...  were inappropriate.

Anyway, a couple of days after that relaxed summer round, the winsome actress found herself at the center of an epic pop-culture media feeding frenzy when news broke of an affair she'd been having with Rupert Sanders, a married movie director she'd worked with that Spring.

As such things will be, it was messy... and ultimately, the Sanders marriage was a casualty.  However, the romance between the star-crossed, silver screen vampires appears... after a couple of false starts... to be on the mend.  So much so that they recently played golf together. It seems the two stars were seen at a California golf course earlier this week. Fittingly, they chose to play a "Super Twilight" round. How romantic is that?