Mastering the Masters - An Infographic Overview in Vintage Style

I received word of this Masterful infographic via Twitter.

Created by the folks at American Golf Corporation, it presents Augusta National and the Masters in a delightful vintage style.

Mastering the Masters... in vintage style                     American Golf Corporation


  1. I think we need a whole infographic about Augusta National's idiosyncrasies. The latest being singling out a 14-yr-old for a slow play penalty among many others playing as slow or slower. :\

  2. the PAST is prologue but i do agree MORE could be mentioned about the oddities like "the shot heard around the world" and the stats on double-eagles (and the crystal that goes with that accomplishment) and best of all HOW to get tickets to it !

    my PREDICTION IS the next BIG story will be the MASTERs GOLF BALL = since the tournament is not USGA or PGA or otherwise sanctioned by any outside authority the committee can develop and institute a special BALL that will be used in tournament play exclusively at augusta; a ball that dials back distance off the tee but plays as accurately from the approach to putting as the current standard ball = the purpose is to temper technological advances that allow four hundred yard drives which totally alter the intended course design features

    this same BALL might also allow the olde and ancient courses of the british open to return to competitive golf (think prestwick et al) that have since been passed by as being too short = actually the british and american standard BALL was during one time period a different weight and circumference

    just sayin



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