Kate Spade: Ideal Accessories for the Stylish Golf Spectator

In the Gallery... at the golf tournament.  Kate Spade

I've got to admit it, from April to October, most of my waking hours are spent in golf clothes. Plus, I tend to write about golf fashion quite regularly.  So naturally, I get lots of inquiries regarding fairway fashion.

Newcomers... and even those who've played the game for a while... want to know which golf apparel brands are the most stylish, comfortable and performant, and they want to know where to find the best value for their golf apparel/accessory dollars.

After all, by its very nature a golf course can be an intimidating place, and no one wants to make it more so by wearing something inappropriate.  In addition, as club dress codes become less restrictive... and more designers dabble in golfwear... a player can go in numerous directions style-wise.

What often surprises me however, is the number of inquiries I get from prospective golf spectators.  Golf spectating, it seems, comes with its own distinct set of sartorial uncertainties.  Is a dress too dressy to wear to a tournament... are jeans too casual?  Would a lady wearing a tank top (or a tube-top or a halter top) be frowned upon... how about a guy in cargo shorts?

Spectators Can't Compete with Rickie Fowler         photo: ©Golf Girl Media

The fact that a golf tournament takes place outdoors, across thousands of yards of undulating terrain and tends to draw spectators from one viewing area to another... distinguishes it from most other sporting events and makes it important to give some additional consideration to: A. the weather, and B."ambulatory comfort factor".

My take, having attended many professional golf tournaments, is that there's quite a bit of leeway when it comes to golf spectating style.  As long as your outfit is reasonably casual and neither excessively sloppy nor exceedingly sexy, you'll be fine from a fashion standpoint. As far as footwear is concerned, assume you'll be walking quite a bit... and won't necessarily have pavement underfoot. Beyond that, what's comfortable is quite subjective.  Spike heels and platforms are rarely, if ever, a good idea at a golf tournament... but if you're comfortable in flip-flops, they're an option. As are other flat sandals, ballet flats, topsiders and just about any kind of running shoe. Some will tell you golf shoes don't belong outside the ropes, however I don't think they're considering some of today's golf shoe styles which look... and walk... like street shoes.

We're working on an eGuidebook for golf spectators, with lots of fun features and additional ideas on what to wear when you're off to watch the pros. In the meantime numerous fairway fashionistas are obsessing about Kate Spade's stellar line of accessories for golf spectators... the collection is a one-stop-shop for those who wish to stand out in the golf galleries this season.


  1. I want one of each! I especially love the straw hat. ;)

  2. I don't think the straw hat would cut it today at muddy Merion. Better not break out those green shoes today either. ;\

  3. I made the mistake of wearing new shoes to a tournament once. Not good! I had a blister with the first 45 minutes. Luckily I found myself a good spot overlooking the 18th green and just parked myself there so it was still fun, but it's much better to have mobility. So yes comfortable shoes are rule #1.

  4. I love the Kate Spade accessories. And I love Rickie Fowler in that pink shirt.

  5. Golf, It is the most mysterious game experience for me always. And the accessories are just professional in the blog.


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