Multichromatic Magic - Probably the Most Inspired Golf Gift Ever

Father's Day has a special significance when it comes to golf.  Dads and golf often go together, particularly in suburban America, where on summer weekends the average course sees a disproportionate number of such pairings. In addition, Father's Day is traditionally when the US Open is decided.

It's totally natural therefore, that when the subject is Father's Day gifts, many Dads will be hoping for golf gifts.

That said, the most inspired golf gift I've ever seen comes from France, where gift giving is taken very seriously.  Having lived in Paris for several years... and having been married to a French man for a couple of decades... I know this to be true.  So, when storied French sportswear company Lacoste celebrated its 80 birthday recently I wasn't surprised when I heard that, the gifts were epic.

In that spirit, I invite you to check out this ultra-impressive, multi-chromatic example: Twenty-seven golf tees in colors inspired by Lacoste's own iconic polo shirts.  The set was gifted by Bernardaud, venerable French purveyor of exquisite porcelain and was bought to my attention by Jean-henri Bernard, a French friend who lives golf on course and through his writing, photography and art.  Happy Father's Day.



  1. Very classy gift. Form over function and totally personalized.

  2. They're beautiful but I think I'd rather have the twenty-seven Lacoste shirts that inspired them. ;)

  3. They look great! Now if only they could help me improve my game they would be perfect.


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