Top Women Golfers in "The Land of Aahs" - 2013 Women's US Open

photo credit: Alessandro Barbini                                           via photopin cc
Long Island, New York has an extraordinary golf history. As the US mainland's biggest island, it's home to a number of the country's oldest and most iconic courses.

There's no place on the island that captures the imagination more than the south fork, and the area known as the Hamptons.  Frequently featured in film, television and literature and the very mention of its name evokes wealth, celebrity and over-the-top excess. It's no doubt that aspect that inspired Vanity Fair to refer to the Hamptons as the Land of Aahs. The area's pristine natural beauty and quaint architectural style provide a perfect juxtaposition to the perceived debauchery.

This week the LPGA will be there, at Sebonack Golf Club, for its 2013 U.S. Women's Open Championship, and the consensus is that the high profile nature of the tournament combined with the singular nature of the location will be uniquely beneficial for the profile of women's golf... and for golf on Long Island.

It's not like the inhabitants of the Hamptons are lacking for golf however, in addition to their uber-exclusive country clubs numerous homes in this exclusive bastion include personal putting greens, and practice areas... some even feature their own private golf courses.  Check out some of my favorite Hamptons golf homes.


  1. The trip out here from Manhattan was longer than the flight from Chicago but we got here and it's great. Hope you're coming out this weekend.

  2. It looks like this may be an historic weekend for women's golf, in more ways than one.

  3. the story goes that the LIP-OUT actually is the L(ong)I(sland) POUT by extending the lower lip on missing a close putt that could have went down

    otherwise the course is one of many MaidStone comes to mind that are out there and the LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY is a connector for more than a dozen famous golf courses


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