A Golf Designer's Inspiration - Poodle Golf's Tree-of-Life Mood Board

Women's golf apparel has come a long way over the past decade.

Thanks to less draconian dress codes, more versatile fabrics and a crop of new golf apparel designers, fairways are looking a lot more fashionable. The frumpy functionality of boxy polos & baggy Bermudas has given way to the athletic chic of body conscious dresses, collarless shirts and form-fitting trousers.

Colors and prints found in today's golf styles are likely to reflect the latest runway trends, rather than the formulaic pastel palette and argyle patterns of golf's past.  In fact, according to the golf designers I've spoken to recently, inspiration can come from anywhere. Lizzy Driver, who helped me get outfitted for Pebble Beach recently, has just released a gorgeous Fall 2014 collection based on... birds! Blue Heron, Red Tailed Hawk and Proud Peacock are just a few of the avian inspired styles in their Birds of a Feather Collection.

The image above is part of a mood board created by friend and sponsor, PoodleGolf, and I think it perfectly illustrates the myriad elements that can inspire a designer.  The subject is PoodleGolf's Tree-of-Life jacquard print, featured on shirts and jackets in the company's wonderfully chic, awesomely athletic line. Inspiration is illustrated by dozens of images... from nature, art, poetry and architecture... and the resulting styles are stellar.

PoodleGolf makes use of Pinterest for all of their mood boards, and I encourage you to check them out for a glimpse into the creative process behind golf apparel design.


  1. Klimt's Tree-of-Life is one of my favorite paintings, who would have thought it would inspire golf fashion. Love it.

  2. Such a great line, is it sold anywhere in the US?


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