Anticipation Builds for Adam Scott's Australian-Inspired Masters Dinner

Australian food is huge on Pinterest
Here in New England, the ground is still frozen and covered with snow. In fact, some of us haven't seen a blade of grass since early January.  However, the Masters... that hopeful harbinger of spring... is just a few weeks away.

The final field is taking shape and Tiger Woods is the early pick to win.  Though the recent Augusta ice storm... and the unfortunate demise of the iconic Eisenhower Tree... has forever altered the landscape of the 17th hole, the storied course was spared further damage and will undoubtedly shine as it does each year.  

In Adam Scott, the 2014 Masters has an exceptionally popular defending champion. The talented Aussie is undeniably affable and extremely attractive, however some former Masters winners... who'll be dining with him at the Masters Champion's Dinner the Tuesday before the tournament... may be a tad anxious about possible menu items.

Though the final spread has yet to be revealed, Scott has let slip a couple of hints, and kangaroo, bugs and that bitter, dung-colored yeast paste known as Vegemite are a few of the more... exotic... Australian-inspired options he's alluded to.  It all brings to mind that awkward moment a couple of years ago when Champion's Dinner guests picked up the South African-inspired menu of 2011 winner, Charl Schwartzel and spotted three rather disconcerting words: monkey gland sauce.  It turns out that sauce was simply a fruit chutney infused with ginger and blended with worcestershire sauce, however the prospect of a meal that included primate excretions may have left some guests with... a bad taste in their mouths.

I made this delectable Pavlova for New Year's Eve
On a much sweeter that's got to be a bit easier to swallow... the Adam Scott dessert has been decided upon, and it will be Pavlova, which is just about the most delightful confection ever conceived; it's a mountain of sugary meringue, filled with a sweet cloud of whipped cream and topped with colorful fruit. Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured Australia and New Zealand in 1920's, inspired the sweet... and instigated a Pavlova rivalry between the two countries that lives on today. It seems every Australian has a favorite version of the recipe, and Adam Scott's mom has apparently offered to provide hers.

As for the perfect pairing, a quick call to Scott's golf idol Greg Norman should take care of that; his Eden Valley Chardonnay would certainly be sublime with... the bugs... and I'm guessing a Limestone Coast Shiraz might compliment kangaroo quite nicely. However, as I said earlier, the final menu is still a secret and there could be surprises.  How about lamb burgers on the barbie and ice cold Fosters?  In any case, we'll keep you posted as the menu comes together and... here at Golf Girl's Diary we may just be holding a Virtual Pavlova Contest during Masters Week.  Details to follow.  


  1. The Pavlova sounds delicious, the bugs... not so much. That said, I'd be happy to attend any dinner hosted by Adam Scott.

  2. Morton Bugs are actually a kind of crayfish and they're quite tasty. I had them in Singapore and was pleasantly surprised. I'll admit, the name is a bit of a turn off.


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