National Jello Week: Golfers Embrace The Jiggly Fruit Flavored Sweet

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The second full week of February... for those haven't been enlightened...  is National Jello Week.

That there's a national week dedicated to this whimsical food product may seem strange... even implausible,  but this is the USA, where silliness is celebrated and where Jello has a long... if somewhat wobbly... history.

First formulated in the late 19th Century by a cough syrup manufacturer, "America's Most Famous Dessert" didn't take off immediately. Once it it did however, the culinary creativity of 20th Century homemakers took it to innovative... and sometimes nauseating heights. 

You probably don't immediately associate this unique product with golf. I know I didn't. That is, until a couple of weeks ago when I signed on to help a local organization with their first golf tournament.  

I had to stifle my laughter when one of the committee members... a stern and matronly bank manager...  suggested that the beverage cart be stocked with Jello shots.  I knew this couldn't be a joke however, as this particular lady is totally devoid of humor. Then, when another member proposed that "Jello shot tents at several holes" might be more effective way to distribute the boozy bites I realized that the tournaments I'd been attending had clearly been missing something. Further research confirmed the golf/Jello connection. 

As National Jello Week winds up, I've been looking around for Jello shot recipes for the summer tournament. So far I'm leaning towards the Spiked Arnold Palmer, sometimes known as the John Daly

I happen to like them both. 

Arnold Palmer Jello Shots                                                                                Via E is for Eat


  1. Jello shots on the golf course, that's pure genius!!! It sounds like it a very fun tournament. I didn't realize it was jello week. I'm typically not a fan, but add a bit of alcohol to the mix and I'm easily persuaded=) Thanks for sharing the John Daly recipe, the drink actually sounds great! Have a great weekend!

  2. The best jello shot I ever had was a mudslide. Jiggly Baileys & Kaluha goodness. :]


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