Ask a Masters Champion... at the Google+ Hangout with Zach Johnson

"I'm excited to be collaborating with Transamerica on a series of sponsored posts on the stellar athletes of Team Transamerica. Although I've been compensated for these posts they're entirely written by me and all opinions are my own." 
Zach Johnson is not adverse to vanilla.  Accurate with his irons and sublime from tee to green, he's a meat and potatoes man with a predilection for precision... and remarkable ability to resist the hero shot.

To the suggestion a couple of years ago that his fairways-and-greens golf style might be... somewhat boring, his answer was classic.

"I like boring golf. That's kind of what butters my bread, so to speak."  

Midwestern pragmatism personified. That's Zach Johnson.

With 11 PGA Tour wins including the 2007 Masters, the unassuming Iowan clearly owns his highly calculated style... and often manages to make it quite breathtaking.

Off the golf course, Johnson's consistency and commitment are reflected in the work of the Zach Johnson Foundation, a non-profit he created with his wife Kim for the benefit of children in need.

As the 2014 Masters approaches, you might wonder how this former champion prepares for this iconic event. Well here's your chance to find out: Next week the Transamerica G+ Hangout series will feature Zach Johnson, hosted by the Golf Channel's Steve Sands. The live, interactive event will take place on Tuesday, April 1, and questions can be submitted via Twitter, using the #TeamTransamerica hashtag, so send in yours and take advantage of the opportunity to obtain insight from this ultra-inspiring golf champion.


  1. It's refreshing to see a male player who values precision over distance, it's pretty rare on the PGA Tour.

  2. I really like Zach Johnson's chance for a second green jacket. If you take the fact that he's won at Augusta and you look at the way he's been playing for the past 6-8 months I think he's in a really good place for it.


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