Alicia Carriles: An Inside Look at The Masters from a Golfer's Gorgeous Wife

Who is Alicia Carriles? If you don't know, this might be the perfect week to find out.

After a subdued start... on a soggy Masters Monday... the "Greatest Week in Golf" is officially underway.

The distinctiveness of the Masters... the history behind it, the lush green visuals and the well preserved air of exclusivity ... makes for a golf event that transcends the sport's fan base.

For the non-golf fan it might be as subliminal as catching sight of Augusta's emerald fairways on a screen or device... or finding oneself at a weekend gathering that turns out to be a Masters viewing party. The thing is, the world's awareness of golf is heightened for a week in early April because The Masters... like no other golf tournament, and few other events in any sport... resonates in an emotional way. --MORE-->

The cloistered nature of the tournament and the resulting curiosity about what goes on behind the cloistered gates of Augusta National is a large part of what makes the Masters universally compelling, but few reporters have access to Augusta's inner sanctum, and the focus, understandably, is on the golf... on the world's best competing on an iconic course. As a result,  beyond a yearly primer on Pimento Cheese and a daily monitoring of the sandwich supply, it can be difficult to get an insiders view.

That's where Alicia Carriles comes in. She's the wife of Spanish golfer Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and she's blogging from the Masters this year at Spain's Ten-Golf.  With a perspective that's uniquely engaging, she writes about Augusta National's history, the sights and sounds of the American south and her own personal journey as she supports her husband's Masters dream. For those who don't understand Spanish, Alicia's writing translates quite well via Google, and like her husband, @AliciaCarriles  frequently tweets in English.

Finally, the topic of glamorous golf WAGs has been ultra-hot of late, and when it comes to golf  WAGs there is none more beautiful than Alicia.  Hence my (somewhat gratuitous) title, but whether or not that's your thing, Alicia Carriles is a refreshing voice to follow at the 2014 Masters.