Michelle Wie Wears Stylish Wide Brim Visors for Added Sun Protection

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An exciting Sunday at the season's first major and a win last week in her native Hawaii have put LPGA superstar Michelle Wie firmly back into the spotlight, and in addition to her brilliant on-course abilities, fans are collectively getting reacquainted with her distinctive fashion sense.

On the golf course, Wie has been wearing Nike since... well... since she turned pro in 2005, at age 15.  Unusually tall and long-of-limb, the precocious phenom made every outfit look exceptional. She regularly made the "best-dressed female golfer" lists that appeared in blogs and magazines. Off course, at dinners and galas, she wore gowns by trendy young designers...  and, while a student at Stamford, Wie actually dabbled in fashion design herself, documenting innovative DIY designs in a blog she kept at the time.  MORE -->

Since she's reappeared on the radar of golf fans recently, many have commented on the wide brim hats she's been wearing.  It's a slightly retro, rather feminine look that's very distinctive... but what many assumed was simply a style statement actually has an added purpose according to Wie: sun protection.   It seems the recently minted LPGA Lotte Championship winner was beginning to see signs of sun damage on her skin and lobbied Nike for the kind of old-fashion, oversized visors that were worn by LPGA champion Jane Park in the early 2000's.

Of course, Michelle Wie looks great in her "giant" visors,  and that, combined with an increased awareness of what the sun does to skin may be just what it takes to make wide brim visors go mainstream. Look for legions of them on golf courses everywhere this year.

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  1. I got one at Nordstrom's last year and wore it all summer. It shades my whole face, not just my eyes. I still use sun screen but it's definitely more protection and looks much nicer than a baseball cap.


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