Golf ClubSox: Custom Covers Put My Golf Clubs On The Best Dressed List

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Here in New England, the weather is still cool and blustery. Leaden skies hang low over the lush, spring landscape perpetually signaling the possibility of showers.
But...we're out there. We're finally playing golf again after a prolonged winter respite.

Earlier this week... wearing multiple layers of wool and fleece, with rain gear in tow... we spent the afternoon on the verdant fairways of TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT.

Though the chilly weather preempted the launch of my own spring/summer '14 golf wardrobe, my golf clubs were looking exceptionally stylish in their new Golf ClubSox.

You may remember the random, ragtag collection of golf club covers I found myself with a few weeks ago when I first took my clubs out for the Spring... the one that included a boorish, cigar smoking dog from a Vegas bachelor party? Yes, well then you may also remember that the folks at Golf ClubSox came to the rescue with an invite to try their knitted club covers... and customize them with my choice of colors.

So that's what I did.  I hopped onto their easy-to-use custom club designer, picked my pattern (dots), background color (white), main color (lime) and accent color (pink).  Then I selected the club numbers I needed; in my case that meant Driver, 3W, 5W, 4H and 7H ...and that was it. It took me just a few minutes to create exactly the covers I wanted... in my colors.

Golf ClubSox are knit with wool, made in the USA and have a distinctive retro-futuristic look, with ribbed sleeves and oversized pompoms.   --READ MORE-->

Golf ClubSox
Instead of numbers, the corresponding club is indicated by the number of lines on the sleeve (woods) or on the cover (hybrids).  I loved them from the minute I received them, just 11 days after I placed my order... which made the prolonged wait for golf weather seem even longer.  But golf weather (or a semblance of it) finally did come earlier this week, and my ClubSox made their debut at the Travelers Championship Media Day.

As we were getting ready tee off, the wind picked up and I put on my down vest, lamenting loudly about the effect the multiple layers were having on my ability to make a cohesive fashion statement. "I don't know about that" the starter remarked indulgently, "but your golf clubs would definitely make the best dressed list".

You'll find all sorts of additional information at the Golf ClubSox website, which is ultra-easy to navigate and use.  

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  1. Nice covers. I know what you mean its cold in sweden to.


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