Pinehurst 2014 - Two Tournaments, Three Logos & Some Sweet Souvenirs

2014 US Open Championships
 Some of the 2014 US Open Championships merchandise you can find at 
It was almost three years ago, back in the summer of 2011, that Pinehurst Resort and the USGA presented the logos for this year's US Open and U.S. Women's Open Championships.  The men's logo features the whimsical "Golf Lad" with his oversized bucket hat and hanging suspenders, while the women's logo stars the state bird of North Carolina, a bright red Cardinal.

2014 seemed so far off back then, and the history-making prospect of back-to-back men's and women's U.S. Opens, at a single venue, was still somewhat abstract.

Flash forward to now, as the unprecedented joint get's underway, and everything comes into focus.  The course,  Pinehurst No. 2,  has a championship golf legacy that makes it a perfect choice for this historic U.S. Open doubleheader. Over the years, it's hosted the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup and a couple of U.S. Opens... as well as the most prestigious senior and amateur events.  Meanwhile the village of Pinehurst has become a destination for travelers seeking stellar golf in a historic setting that also offers excellent dining, cultural and shopping experiences.

On that last note, let's get back to those logos. What I didn't mention was that a separate "joint logo" was created, in addition to the two logos described above.  Designed by renowned U.S. Open artist Lee Wybranski, it artfully combines elements of the men's and women's logo to commemorate the consecutive championships. Featuring the two trophies, side by side, "Golf Lad's" floppy hat sits jauntily on the men's cup while the Cardinal perches precariously on the women's, this dual logo whimsically represents the historic melding of the two events.

Those attending the tournaments will find all three logos well represented in the merchandise pavilion, on a wide variety of apparel and accessories.  And for those who can't make it to Pinehurst, offers an expansive array of items featuring each of the three logos... the a perfect way for anyone to own a small piece of golf history.


  1. North & South ChampionshipsChampionship golf in Pinehurst dates back to 1901 with the first annual United North & South Amateur Championship. These traditions were expanded in 1903 with the introduction of the North & South Women’s Championship and continue to be some of the most storied of their kind. The North & South Amateur’s list of champions consists of amateurs that have been and will continue to be recognized as some of the best to ever play the game.(from their website)


  2. I was just at Pinehurst a couple weeks ago, and was so thrilled to pick up a few US Open things. I love the logo. Now that I've been there, watching the US Open will be absolutely amazing!


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