The Birdie Sisters Continue to Create A Unique & Inspiring Golf Narrative

In the Autumn of 2009, when I first met up with Myah and Erica Jackson they were just 9 and 11 years old, but already the prodigious pair was well-known in Midwestern junior golf circles.

In fact, the Chicago-based sisters... having started playing golf at age four... had by that time become The Birdie Sisters... and not only did they regularly win golf tournaments, they also excelled at other disciplines; their family YouTube channel... in addition to golf and talk show clips... featured the girls (and their younger brother) participating in Taekwondo competitions and performing in music recitals.

Flash forward to the Fall of 2014: Erica is now16, Myah 14. Both have continued to compete... and excel... on a local, national and international level, despite the extraordinary cost involved.   They now attend Chicago's prestigious Jones College Prep where they play on the boy's golf team.  And, in case you're wondering, the Jones Prep boys don't really have a hard time when The Birdie Sisters beat them, because... they're kind of used to it.

The video above features the Birdie Sisters in their recent appearance on top Chicago talk show, Windy City Live.  They talk about how they started playing golf, what they've achieved in the sport, and where they feel golf may eventually take them.

It's an ultra-inspiring story and there's clearly much more to come.  Keep up with The Birdie Sisters via Facebook and Twitter.  Past posts on The Birdie Sisters.

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