West Palm Real Estate + Golf Pong Trick Shots = Elegant Awesomeness

By all outward appearances, Quinton Watson and Kyle Johnson are your standard frat boy types; youthful and good looking, they exude a playful self-confidence and tend to dress in modified A&F style with backwards ball caps and perpetually bare knees.

As such, one would suspect that these young men do a healthy amount of partying, engage in an occasional food fight and play a decent game of Beer Pong.

Well, they may or may not be profligate partiers who launch edible projectiles, there's an ample amount of evidence (to be found on their YouTube channel and elsewhere) that these two Florida State students... who call themselves the ChemBros... have taken Beer Pong to the next level.

Actually they've taken it well beyond the next level: first they upped the game to Golf Pong bringing golf balls and various irons into play, then they perfected an engaging series of trick shots using local ranges, their modest apartment a garage, a backyard... and the flat bed of a pick up truck. It was ultra-impressive but still somewhat... plebeian.

With their latest video however, Quinton and Kyle have moved their act to a Mediterranean Revival mansion in West Palm Beach.  There they take full advantage of the structure's classic style... using the massive facades, sweeping stairways, tiled balconies and luxurious water features to execute the most elegant trick shots I've ever seen.  They're featured in the well-produced video below which will appeal to both golf fans and those with an interest in high end West Palm Real Estate.

Despite the luxury venue, the ChemBros themselves remain faithful to their charming frat boy esthetic.