In Town & On Course With A Marvelous, Multi-Tasking Little Black Dress

 The LBD, a staple in the city, can work just as well on the golf course. This one from TheDailyLook is a perfect multi-tasker.

Here in New England, we're finally emerging from what seemed like an interminable winter, and for most of us frost-bitten Yankees, Spring can't come quickly enough.  

In fact, I'm guessing there'll be a record number of northerners taking Spring Breaks over the next several weeks as even the most die-hard snow bunnies seek to enjoy a prelude to the kind of balmy days and blossoming landscapes that won't grace our region till the end of April. If we're lucky.

For readers of this publication, golf may well be part of the incentive to head south for an avant goût of warmer climes.  If it is... and if you're anything like me... you're probably pondering over ways you can keep your baggage at a minimum, because who needs the inconvenience... and, these days, the expense... of superfluous luggage. 

There are numerous variables to consider, particularly concerning golf clubs and whether to bring them, ship them or rent them at your destination.  I won't go into that in this particular post, but will definitely be obsessing writing about it as I plan my own upcoming trip; a trip that'll likely include a couple of evenings out, a day or two at the beach and a few rounds of golf... including a practice round at Augusta National where, needless to say, I myself will be spectating, not practicing (insert ultra-disappointed emoji here).  READ MORE -->

Anyway, when my fashionista friends at TheDailyLook asked me to choose a piece from their Little Black Dress Collection... and style it for Spring Break, I immediately thought of my looming trip. So I chose one dress and took it in a couple of directions (above); I added golf shoes, a hounds tooth visor and a matching hounds tooth glove for a perfect play on the golf course.  Then I selected a wide brim hat, some understated jewelry, and a pretty pair of strappy sandals to create a ideal outfit for lunch or dinner on the town.  It was an enlightening exercise and made me realize that versatility is indeed a virtue where golf vacation dresses are concerned.  

Oh, and it works the other way too; numerous golf apparel designers have created Little Black Golf Dresses that would be perfectly in place in town, at the finest restaurants and the most sophisticated clubs. Below are some of my favorites. 

Poodle Golf's Little Black Dress has distinctive scrolly pleats, Schriffen's Anna Dress is as sexy as it is sporty,  DailySports Agatha Dress is simple & elegant