Make Way For #MatchyMonday - Weekly Showcase For Matchy Golf Style

My most recent matchy-matchy golf look.  The turquoise tee takes it over the top, right?
Matchy-Matchy: It's a much-maligned fashion faux pas, one so distinctive it has a place in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Listed as " adjective used to describe something or someone that is very or excessively colour coordinated", matchy-matchy could also be defined as color-coordination run amok. It's when there are a few too many shades of the same color... in a single outfit.

You know you've stepped over that sartorial line when you find your outfit... or yourself... being described in terms of a random object known for its distinctive color, as in: "she looks like she collided with a Pepto Bismol truck" or "he looked like a human banana".  When someone accuses you of "channeling your inner traffic cone" you can be pretty sure you've taken your innocent love of the color orange well into matchy-matchy territory.

Professional golfers are particularly susceptible to matchy-matchy misadventures. In fact, the Pepto reference above was aimed at Paula Creamer while the human banana referred to Sergio Garcia... and Rickie Fowler being likened to a traffic cone became so ubiquitous the practice almost seemed a prerequisite in anything written about the former Oklahoma State golfer though such comparisons have plummeted since his recent win at the Players Championship in an outfit that included not a single drop of orange.

For the sartorially sophisticated golfer, Matchy Matchy is clearly not a look to strive for.  But... if you happen to really like the look, which we do, you kind of want to celebrate it.  So this summer we're going to make our Mondays matchy, with a multi-chromatic showcase of monochromatic golf outfits we'll be featuring every #MatchyMonday  through the end of August.