Score Keeping Made Simple With a DIY Golf Stroke Counter - #DIYFriday

Find beads of all colors at your local craft store... and make a golf stroke counter
It seems like a classic no-brainer: you just count one stroke for every swing you take, right?

Well yes, but as anyone who plays the game knows, there's plenty of room for confusion when it comes to counting on the golf course... and that's exactly why they invented stroke counters.

"If I'm hitting so many times on one hole that I can't keep track of it in my head, I shouldn't be playing this game." 

The mere mention of a stroke counting device often elicits this type of reaction... frequently from the very players who consistently misremember their numerical trajectories.

You know who I'm talking about; they're the ones who somehow tend to forget their much maligned trips to the sand trap, and/or their multiple mis-hits. In the end they've always got the winning number. It's a kind of denial that's so deeply ingrained it's hardly worth arguing about.

This week's #DIYFriday golf project offers a simple way to send a subtle message to those overly ambitious self-scorers.

Why not make them a bead counter and insist they use it? It's a fun and easy project. Plus, you may just find yourself winning a few more holes next time you play.  Here's how to do it.