Jordan Spieth's US Open Win Elicits Amusing Tweets From Female Fans

With yesterday's victory at Chambers Bay, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth became the youngest player ever to win both The Masters and The US Open.

It was a grueling championship, even by US Open standards, but the preternaturally mature Texan was his usual, ultra-polite, perfectly balanced self as he embraced his family, received the trophy and spoke to press.

And while his extraordinary skills on fairways and greens have many fans calling Spieth "the future of American golf", his gracious ways, quiet confidence and family closeness have the newly-minted US Open Champion is being tweeted about as... well... the outdated expression "husband material" comes to mind. 

A barrage of inquiring... and sometimes imploring... tweets began to flow the instant Spieth was declared the winner... and when his beautiful long-time girl friend, Annie Verret wasn't immediately spotted at the awards ceremony, well, lets just say the excitement was palpable.

... and...Jordan Spieth as son-in-law is also an appealing prospect:

Oh my! Well, you can follow Jordan Spieth on Twitter at @JordanSpieth .