Vacation Variation - A Coastal Golf Resort With Something For Everyone

Seaview Hotel & Golf Club - 36 holes of championship golf, a world class spa and a wide range of activitie... on the Jersey Shore

A golf resort vacation may seem totally obvious to an avid golfer; we dream of endless golf on pristine courses and fantasize about an immersive golf environment, likely to include quality instruction, state-of-the-art practice facilities and well stocked golf retail spaces... all of this wrapped in a expertly curated blanket of golf history that warms our golf-loving hearts. What's not to love?

Well, to a non-golfer... or even a casual/social golfer... the prospect may not seem so alluring. They may see themselves vacationing at an isolated golf buddy bastion where an overriding emphasis on fairways and greens results in accommodations, amenities and non-golf activities that are somewhat... lacking. A quick perusal of golf resort reviews on TripAdvisor reveals that these concerns may sometimes be justified. "The resort was nice but unless you're there to golf...", "a lovely property for golfers, but quite isolated", "Great golf courses but not too much for the non golfer" such comments were quite common... and included in the call-outs were some of the country's most renowned golf venues.

Now if you're planning your annual golfer's golfy golf trip, this may not concern you, but with summer on the horizon, chances are your travel plans may include some non-golfers... or less avid players who may enjoy a round or two, but who wouldn't dream of an entire vacay built around the game. 

We were discussing this particular vacation conundrum a couple of weeks ago as the LPGA teed it up at Seaview Resort for the 2015 ShopRite LPGA Classic, and it quickly became clear that this particular venue could be the perfect place to please vacationers of all persuasions. The historic Bay Course at Seaview Resort looked sublime throughout the day, especially at sunset, and with the Atlantic City skyline in the background (a mere eight miles away) the resort is clearly not isolated. A bit of research (and my own memories of a brief stop the LPGA tournament several years ago) further confirmed the resort's multi-faceted possibilities. This venerable golden-age golf resort features a full range of non-golf activities to appeal to those not playing golf; with a top notch spa, two pristine pools, hiking trails and a game room... on site... and all the pleasures of Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore just minutes away.

Confident that their non-golf traveling companions will be thoroughly entertained, golfers can fully enjoy the ultimate golf experience: two of the region's top courses, a stellar practice facility and an award winning pro shop. Perhaps best of all, for those who really love the game, Seaview's partnership with Bird Golf Academy allows for a fully customized golf learning and golf improvement experience. Top teaching professionals and unique, individualized classes are what makes Bird Golf so special. At Bird Golf Academy, golf instruction can be tailored to golfers of all levels, again reinforcing the inclusiveness of this vacation experience. 

So, as summer asserts itself... and you find yourself puzzling over how to make a golf resort vacation appealing to the non-golfers in your group... Consider the "something-for-everyone" Seaview Hotel & Golf Resort.