A Women's Golf Wear Preview: Bobby Jones® Apparel, Clover Collection

Spring is in the air... and on the golf course... with the Bobby Jones Apparel Clover Collection for women.

Springtime is all about renewal. 

As the monochromatic winter wanes, we seek out color. In our homes, at work or on the golf course, when we think Spring, we tend to take our cues from nature. The acid greens of the season's first foliage and the bright hues of our favorite solstitial flowers. 

I've got to admit, the first thing that attracted me to Bobby Jones Apparel's 2016 Clover Collection for women were the colors... as pure and fresh as the nascent Spring. Functionality, was a close second. 

When it comes to golf apparel, functionality can make a marked difference: Strategically placed pockets, with non-slip zipper pulls and innovative, multi-tasking textile blends... how about polos with single-button closures and adjustable sleeves. These are some of the functional features that impressed me in the Bobby Jones Golf Apparel pieces I tested. They ensured maximum comfort, while adding adaptability and ease of use.

Then there are the intangibles. What a brand represents is a subtle but significant part of how it feels, and Bobby Jones Apparel is a legacy brand if ever there was one. Inspired by the golden age golf legend, known for his style, grace, humor and humility. 

Born on Saint Patrick's Day in 1902, Bobby Jones remains the only player in history to win the Grand Slam, and in the women's golf apparel collection, Clover by Bobby Jones, his legacy is represented by the four-leaf clover charm that Jones consistently carried with him. 

A nod to that lucky talisman can be found in understated clover accents -embroidered and embossed - throughout the collection. There's even a small four-leaf clover seal on each Clover collection hang tag. I've decided to use one of these as my own good luck charm this season. 

Initial Impressions

The golf season hasn't officially gotten underway here in CT, however some area courses have opened their fairways to impatient players, and a couple of days ago I grabbed my favorite golf partner - who also happens to be my twin - and we headed over to one such course to play a few pre-season holes. 

Though our golf skills were decidedly rusty... and the course not quite ready for primetime... our initial impressions of the Clover Collection were resoundingly positive. The fabric blends favor flexibility without sacrificing fit, and each piece we tested features distinctive styling details that set the line apart. Cathleen and I have agreed to play a full round in our Bobby Jones apparel next month and at that time we'll share a detailed review. As you may have guessed, we're looking very much forward to it. 

Women's Mitered Cable V-Neck Sweater in Cornflower *  Women's Supreme Cotton Polo in Amethyst
* Tech Burnout Hoodie in Green Apple * Sleeveless Tech Lace-Panel Polo in Melon * Tech Burnout Skort in Geranium

In the meantime check out Clover by Bobby Jones. The collection can be found at the finest golf clubs and resorts and on line at at .