Waste Management Phoenix Open - How to Ace The Green Out

Peep Toe Perfection - Originally conceived for The Masters, I'm saving this look for "Green Out" at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. - -  TheGolfGirl at Polyvore

Golf is green. As counterintuitive as that may seem, it's true. Across the country and around the world, golf provides a critical sanctuary for creatures large and small. Don't believe me? Just watch this... please.

Of course, the sanctuary aspect is only one piece of golf's sustainability puzzle.  In order to grow and thrive into the future, golf... more than many sports... must embrace environmental initiatives whenever possible, and raise awareness as to the importance of adherence to sustainable water usage and agronomy standards. 

And that's where the "Green Out" at this week's Waste Management Phoenix Open comes in. It's a special day set aside by the event's sponsors, where attendees and players are encouraged to wear green, in support of sustainability. Now in it's eighth year, the "Green Out" has raised more than $400,000 for environmental organizations... and inspired a myriad of verdant style statements.  

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is not only the highest-attended tournament on the PGA TOUR, it is also the most sustainable sporting event in the world. Read more about it... and the environmental organizations it supports... here. 

Meanwhile, though I've never attended this amazing event, it's on high on my list. And I've already got my outfit picked out.