I've Got Perfect Shoes For The Master's. Now For The Rest Of The Outfit

Vintage leather applique shoes with a golf theme by Zalo
With The Masters just a month away, and Tuesday practice round tickets secured, I can barely contain my excitement. 

The verdant beauty of Augusta National, the quaint, somewhat quirky adherence to tradition and the omnipresent ambiance of collective wonderment are just a few of the things that make The Masters so amazing and unique.

Not surprisingly, fabulous golf fashion is de rigueur at the season's first major, and I'm hoping to put together a distinctive outfit; something worthy of this iconic event. 
Fortunately, I've found some much needed inspiration in the form of an ultra-whimsical pair of shoes. They're vintage, crafted in two different shades of green leather, and appliqued with endearing images of golfers and golf equipment. 

Of course, my husband hates them. You see, he's French and has this thing called le sens du ridicule, which basically means he has little tolerance for unusual, costumey type clothing. Especially when worn by his wife. I sort of knew he'd dislike the decorative pumps... intensely... when I discovered them on Ebay, but that didn't deter me at all, because I know I'll be able to style these shoes into the most... um...enchanting... Master's outfit ever. Well, that's my plan, anyway. And I've got to get working on it immediately. Will keep you posted.

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