This DIY Golf Gift Is Perfect For Mother's Day... You Can Count On It

Spring is in the air and Mother's Day is looming. 

if you'll be gifting a mom who plays golf, and want to offer her something more than the formulaic brunch and flowers, I've got a suggestion: consider crafting her a personalised beaded stroke counter. It's handmade AND it pays tribute to the sport she loves... two major characteristics of a "thoughtful gift". 

The beauty part is that it's fun and easy to put together. You can make it with anything, from precious crystals to rustic clay beads, and customize it with her favorite colors, 
in accordance with her style. It's sure to please the golfing mom in your life... well... unless she's the type who intentionally overlooks her multiple mis-hits and struggles in the sand trap. In that case she'll hate it.

But assuming that's not the type of golfer you're gifting, this DYI golf stroke counter is just perfect.  Here's how to do it