Jan 30, 2008

Ian Poulter - Finally Dressed for Success ?

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I'm a huge Ian Poulter fan. I have been since I first noticed him last year in a lime green retro look, channeling Bing Crosby at the Masters.

The bodacious Brit is an awesome golfer by any standard, but the thing I've always liked most about him is the way he has fun with it. Dressing it up and playing it down... he always appeared to be enjoying himself while he entertained the audience. But now it seems he may not have been having all that much fun after all.

Over in Dubai, where many of golf's greats are gathering, Ian has been getting gobs of attention. Not for his outrageous outfits, but because he declared that if he played to his full potential, he, and he alone, could beat Tiger. Well, I don't know about you but I'm hoping his "full potential" doesn't preclude the awesome outfits.

Judging from the photo above I don't think I have much to worry about.


  1. dickhead finder1/31/2008 3:16 AM

    perhaps ian should contact rory to discuss the relative merits of pissing off a crouching tiger

  2. The Ghost of Ted Ray1/31/2008 8:14 AM

    Go to Golf Channel's home page and read the story **GOSSIP: Poulter: Only I Can Challenge Tiger** and the reader comments, 6 pages of comments! I'll give Ian one thing, he sure knows how to stir the pot. Unfortunately, 95% of the commenters think he is a joke, so I really don't see what he accomplished. It's like his clothing line: has anyone ever seen any guy out there dressing to mimic Ian? Golfers go to great extremes to look like their fav. players but Ian??, i've never seen it, even on the goofyist courses in the UK. GG, you and on other "golf girls" who blog here are the only one's i've ever heard of who admire Ian. Maybe he should design girls clothes and join the LPGA where he might have a legitimate chance of breaking into the top 10!

  3. You know what? If Ian brings fans to the game by being colorful and funny and entertaining and outspoken, I think that's a good thing...even if those fans are "golf girls".

    That's just my opinion, of course.

  4. Hi Patricia
    Every era should have a colorful character the likes of Ian Poulter and his outrageous attire. In the Arnold Palmer era we had Doug Saunders who dressed in bright/loud clothing to match his unorthodox swing. He was very entertaining to watch and had a game to back up his colorful style. He also brought a lot of fans to the game.

  5. If you think about it, Ian's comment may drive a stake in the hearts of all "A" list players who are too timid (right now) to challenge Eldrick. Read his comments, he is saying if he can get his game into A+ form he can challenge the #1 for the title. How many other guys need to be thinking this way? Lot's of them. If they all started focusing on that, Tiger would have more competition.

    Right now they don't, they all seem to buy the media's uber-supremacy theories about Tiger. Time to stop playing against Tiger and start playing against the course. Fire the swing guru's and psycho-babblists and dig into the dirt. Maybe that is what the flamboyant Poulter is saying to all his peers (except Tiger, ofcourse - he already knows this stuff)

  6. Yes, mr, ghost of ted ray, if golf is going to grow, a big part of the growth is going to come from "golf girl's" like us. So you should probably be hoping of more players like Ian Poulter who know how to keep it exciting.

  7. Ian's a girly, girly
    He lives in a girly world
    He's so plastic
    His life's fantastic

    Next is the LPGA
    They all know he's gay
    He won't have to fake it
    They will not forsake it

    La la la la la
    La la la la la
    He can cry now
    Color is eye now

  8. Looks like Ian's backtracking...big time! The crouching Tiger has sprung.

  9. I LOVE that golf bag!!!

    ...but I refuse to speculate on what's behind it.

  10. the ghost of ted ray2/01/2008 2:39 AM

    The "golf girls" are a fiesty lot, to be sure. However, my point is that although Ian is indeed a colorful fellow, he does not do very much to grow the game. He is way too out there and very few people wish to follow his lead, by my count, only 2 "Golf girls" are really excited about him.

    The rest of us (including the Media) get an occasional chuckle at his exploits but nobody buys his "look" or his line of girlyman clothing. Afterall how many men really wish to parade around waving the girlyman flag? Very few indeed.

    So at the end of the day, Ian has little to no impact on the game of golf. He certainly cannot be credited with growing the game, the credit for growth goes to the likes of Tiger, Phil and The First Tee.

  11. Jennifer,

    You 'refuse to speculate what is behind it'?

    Have you ever seen a man naked before? If you have, then you won't have to speculate. If you haven't, then perhaps a night in town is in order.

    For crying out loud....

  12. maybe she meant that she refused to speculate about the size of what's behind it. btw i think ian looks much better naked than in those girlyman outfits

  13. Ian could only beat Tiger in an apparel contest...

  14. I am new to the golf scene, but anyone who can pull off those color combos and keep a game face is a mans man. Golf unlike most sports alows you to be an artistic individual. Any true gentleman knows real women love a well dressed man. My father always said if your going to dress stylish on the course, you better sure as hell be able to strike your ball. With that said I'm ordering some of those pink slacks with matching Clarke shoes!

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