Marketing Women's Golf - "These Girls Get It"

The girls in question are Australians Nikki Garret and Kristie Newton, pictured here with Jan Stephenson, winner of three majors, and one of Australia's greatest greatest golfers ever.

Despite her wins and her extraordinary golf skills Jan is best known for her 1980's golf ball bubble bath photo...and that's the whole point.

Instead of lamenting that fact as demeaning, Ms. Stephenson acknowledges the current reality (70% of golf's audience are men, and men are ... "visual") and encourages Australia's up-and-coming young golf stars, like Nikki and Kristie, to play up their looks and personalities for the good of women's golf.

Jan's message clearly resonates in the current environment because, as reported last week in Waggle Room, Women's golf in Australia has been having a rough go of it, with sponsorship issues and tournament cancellations.

Ultimately, in her own inimitable way, what Jan Stephenson is pushing for is more support from women for women's golf, because that's what it's going to take to move away from the overriding emphasis on sex appeal; more women buying tickets, more women in the galleries.

Apparently, women are less "visual".