Golf Crocs - Be Afraid, be Very Afraid (updated)

They're coming to a course near you. Soon, probably this summer.

A golf blogger friend of mine saw them at the PGA merchandise show earlier this month and broke the news to me in an email. I think he knew I wouldn't be thrilled.

I hate Crocs. I find them ridiculously unattractive and I shudder to think of multicolored masses of them invading the golf courses of America...and the world. Because, though I'm not alone in hating the clownish clogs, they've got plenty of fans too. Ardent fans who have several pairs. I was astounded last summer when my friends came over from France, and couldn't wait to go out and buy Crocs. I thought the French were supposed to be chic and elegant!?! Pierre and Sabine did not look chic in their clunky kicks.

I've got to admit, the official Crocs website is impressive. Over the past couple of years, their product line has expanded exploded; it's gone beyond footwear to include apparel and accessories. The spiked Golf Crocs are not yet featured on crocs.com, but there is an official PGA Tour model. It's one of their "traditional" beach clogs adorned with the PGA logo. The web copy encourages golf fans to "show your PGA Tour pride". Will that pride be on display in the galleries of Augusta this spring? Probably. So much for the "tradition, history, beauty and mystique of the hallowed venue.

Now, you know me, when it comes to golf apparel I'm NOT a dress code dogmatist. Far from it, I tend to like new exciting looks and unconventional styling, on the course and off, but we're talking about something else here. We're talking about the most unattractive, abrasive and absurd look known to man and in my opinion it doesn't belong on a golf course, even the most bedraggled municipal course, the one on the wrong side of town, the one that's seen better days. Even that course deserves better than Crocs.

Ok...this post is becoming a bit of a rant, let me get a hold of myself. I should say that Crocs are acceptable in certain very specific circumstances, those being: health care workers such and nurses and surgeons, because they've always worn clunky, orthopedic type shoes. They're also alright for gardeners, because it's wet and muddy in a garden and no one sees you back there anyway. Finally they're OK on really cute teenage girls, because, as well all know, anything looks good on really cute teenage girls.

The most ironic thing is that the reason most give for embracing this terrifying trend is comfort and personally, I don't find Croc to be exceptionally comfortable. Am I alone in that? No, I think the real reason people wear Crocs is to make a statement. I'm just not quite sure what that statement is and I'd prefer not to see it being made on the golf course. OK?

FYI - Here's a link, sent in by The Artful Golfer that shows the actual Golf Crocs...I still don't like them.