Golf Crocs - Be Afraid, be Very Afraid (updated)

They're coming to a course near you. Soon, probably this summer.

A golf blogger friend of mine saw them at the PGA merchandise show earlier this month and broke the news to me in an email. I think he knew I wouldn't be thrilled.

I hate Crocs. I find them ridiculously unattractive and I shudder to think of multicolored masses of them invading the golf courses of America...and the world. Because, though I'm not alone in hating the clownish clogs, they've got plenty of fans too. Ardent fans who have several pairs. I was astounded last summer when my friends came over from France, and couldn't wait to go out and buy Crocs. I thought the French were supposed to be chic and elegant!?! Pierre and Sabine did not look chic in their clunky kicks.

I've got to admit, the official Crocs website is impressive. Over the past couple of years, their product line has expanded exploded; it's gone beyond footwear to include apparel and accessories. The spiked Golf Crocs are not yet featured on crocs.com, but there is an official PGA Tour model. It's one of their "traditional" beach clogs adorned with the PGA logo. The web copy encourages golf fans to "show your PGA Tour pride". Will that pride be on display in the galleries of Augusta this spring? Probably. So much for the "tradition, history, beauty and mystique of the hallowed venue.

Now, you know me, when it comes to golf apparel I'm NOT a dress code dogmatist. Far from it, I tend to like new exciting looks and unconventional styling, on the course and off, but we're talking about something else here. We're talking about the most unattractive, abrasive and absurd look known to man and in my opinion it doesn't belong on a golf course, even the most bedraggled municipal course, the one on the wrong side of town, the one that's seen better days. Even that course deserves better than Crocs.

Ok...this post is becoming a bit of a rant, let me get a hold of myself. I should say that Crocs are acceptable in certain very specific circumstances, those being: health care workers such and nurses and surgeons, because they've always worn clunky, orthopedic type shoes. They're also alright for gardeners, because it's wet and muddy in a garden and no one sees you back there anyway. Finally they're OK on really cute teenage girls, because, as well all know, anything looks good on really cute teenage girls.

The most ironic thing is that the reason most give for embracing this terrifying trend is comfort and personally, I don't find Croc to be exceptionally comfortable. Am I alone in that? No, I think the real reason people wear Crocs is to make a statement. I'm just not quite sure what that statement is and I'd prefer not to see it being made on the golf course. OK?

FYI - Here's a link, sent in by The Artful Golfer that shows the actual Golf Crocs...I still don't like them.


  1. Read an article where people who wears crocs are supposed to be among the ugliest people in the world: hehehe! Ugly people


  2. sorry, here's the link --> http://www.topsocialite.com/top-10-ugliest-celebs/

  3. I can't imagine seeing crocs on the course. My wife wears them, but she is a doctor and wears scrubs everyday.

  4. I could see Christina Kim wearing them with matching sunglasses and one of her tight belly shirts. Is that a sexy image?

  5. I am afraid that wearing Crocs on the golf course is NOT going to help make new friends. But, Crocs will probably pay one of the fashion horses of the PGA to wear a pair and then every Country Club Lizard will feel they will have to wear a pair since they are worn on tour.... OH, how close we are getting to ‘Full Contact Golf’. What a much of Crocs!

  6. Awww - come on GG - don't be a fashion snob !! :-) Most Crocs may be silly looking, but they are not all candy colored. They do make neutral colors, and there are a lot more styles than the clogs.

    I do have a pair of Crocs - which I never thought I would - but I only tried them after talking to a couple of nurses who swear by them for their support and comfort. These ladies are on their feet on hard flooring for hours at a time, and they said nothing has ever taken care of their feet like the Crocs.

    That said - I wouldn't worry too much about Crocs taking over the golf course. The platform is an inch or more tall, which changes a lot of things in your golf swing, and forces your legs to do more than usual in the swing. After several years on the market, you still only see an occassional pair of the Bite golf sandals.

  7. Over at shottalk, they've got a couple photos and a link to the crocs website. The golf versions are khaki and look half way decent. I never wear golf shoes, preferring the comfort of hiking shoes or sandals.

    PGA Show Crocs

    PGA Tour Crocs

  8. Before you criticize Crocs golf shoes, you should know that Crocs bought the Bite shoe company last year, and the golf shoes will look more like these shoes than like rubber clogs with golf spikes.

  9. GG,
    Along with Sandal-spikes they MUST be banned from the course. I agree with MBG, you will NOT be asked to join a foursome if you are sporting Crocs. Ridiculous idea for footwear, much less golf shoes.

  10. Yo GG

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  11. G.G. We all know that you are a fashionista but it sounds like you have tried on a croc or two. When you get to your fifties some think comfort before style. I am glad to hear that for you style will always come first no matter what the cost.

  12. crocs are fun! if you've got good legs they can look really hot with a short golf skirt. though as golfcourt said i don't think they'de do much for your game. i love the way you can pimp them out they even have some golf oriented charms for them


  13. To Golf Girl

    Bode may have an unusual blog style but he has a point. The term "other side of the tracks" is at worst racist and at best elitist. Also dumping on any muni course, no matter how far below your standards is both snobby and elitist.

    You should apologize to your readers and use more appropriate analogies in the future. Kelly Tilghman learned the hard way and paid the price. Follow her example and do the right thing here, say you are sorry for your offensive remarks.

  14. Well - believe it or not - the Bite sandals helped save the seasons of two Champions Tour players a few years back. Both were having a lot of foot pain and couldn't walk with their feet inside regular shoes. Bite had them try the sandals and they worked great.

    They aren't for everybody - but they do have a place.

    Oh - the Crocs WILL be like the regular Crocs with golf spikes on the bottom. The Bite line will still have the sandals along with their other regular line of shoes.

    Does anyone have a clue what Bode is trying to say ? I don't have my Gangsta rap/English translator on this computer.

  15. I play reguarly on a "fucked up muni" (bode's term, not mine) and I feel fine there. It's clearly on "the wrong side of the tracks" (American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms' term, not mine). My point was that the less exclusive, less elitist golf venues normally don't impose a very strict dress code, but still should not be subject to the indignities of Crocs sandals.

    Every post I write is probably going to offend someone, somewhere. That's just the way it is. I don't go in for political correctness (though I've been accused of that in the past) neither am I a highly paid announcer on a National Golf Channel.

    That said, I apologize to you Mr. Bode and you Mr. Anonymous if you were offended by that post.

    Now back to Crocs. I have indeed tried them on and as I said I was underwhelmed by the "comfort factor". I mean, are you supposed to wear them with socks...was I doing something wrong? I have four inch heels that are more comfortable. Speaking of four inch heels there is a new design on the Croc website that I'm seriously considering it's a strappy sandal called Cyprus, it's ultra-cute and guess what?...it's got four inch heels. Check it out.


  16. Ok, in the name of political correctness, I propose that Golf Girl be suspended from blogging for two weeks. LOL.

    Those Cyprus sandals are really cute by the way...wonder if they're goin to come in colors???

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  21. unfortunately, i stumbled across this blog thinking it was somethin else. if someone wants to wear golf crocs, then so be it. we've all seen much, much worse. i feel less intelligent having read all this crap.

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