May 6, 2010

Sandra Gal's Shorts & The Lady in The Locker Room

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about country club dress codes.
It was inspired by an unfortunate aquatic incident that took place at the Kia Classic, when Michelle Wie lost her balance while trying to hit her ball from a water hazard. Some surmised that her ultra-short skirt... and her concern for keeping it in place... might have distracted her and contributed to the two point penalty she was ultimately given.
In the post I explored skirt and skort length, and the fact that so many LPGA players actually wear their skirts substantially shorter than allowed by the dress codes of the clubs they play at.
It got me wondering if these draconian country club dress codes were ever enforced; would a "normal person" be allowed to play in the tiny garments some of the pros wear, or would the "average Jane" be sent to the pro shop to purchase something more... substantial?
 Well to some extent, that question was answered yesterday by LPGA player Sandra Gal.
The statuesque brunette beauty is known as @TheSandraGal on Twitter and posts there quite regularly about her life on tour. Her Tweets yesterday told an interesting story.

Sandra was in Palm Springs, and the day started out just fine:

 ... but upon arriving at the Country Club, the pretty German golfer encountered the dreaded dress code police:

... in the form of a dour-looking woman lurking the ladies locker room:

It seems the woman noticed Sandra's shorts, gave her a dirty look, and promptly reported her to authorities. The long legged LPGA pro was told to change.

This last tweet effectively answers our question. As long as she was playing in a tournament there was no problem with Sandra wearing the "short shorts", but once she was playing as a "normal person" they were deemed unacceptable and were suddenly in violation of the club's dress-code.

It's probably something us ordinary girls should keep in mind when we find ourselves inspired by those micro-skirts the ladies are wearing on tour. From the response Sandra received on Twitter however, it doesn't seem that too many guys have a problem with short shorts. At least not when they're worn by the spectacular Sandra Gal.

Thank's go to golf twitterer Bill Roberts aka: @balabill, for bringing Sandra's dress-code debacle to my attention.


  1. Seems a bit silly to me. I wear short and longer skorts. I've never had a CC tell me to change, but I keep a pair of wind pants in my bag...just in case.

  2. These country clubs should wise up. They complain about losing members and fewer rounds then the do something like this? Get real people.

  3. It sounds like a cliche I know, but I think it's often jealous women who report another women's "dress code violations". That's unfortunate.

  4. I have played at a private country club where they have a no skorts "5 inches above" the kneecap rule. They have actually sent a few women to the pro shop to purchase "more appropriate" clothing. I think that's crap.

  5. We'd been wondering about that for a long time. I looks like they do have different rules for tournaments. I wonder if they knew Sandra was an LPGA player???

  6. Wasn't Sandra Gal one of the players who posed in the buff for espn magazine?

  7. Country clubs are desperately trying to stay relevant in a changing world.

    A dress code is understandable but should be very basic (no denim/no collar-less shirts/nothing sloppy) when you start getting into skirt and short length different things work on different people. I'm sure Miss Gall looked completely appropriate in her shorts.

  8. If she was in Palm Springs at a course where she played in a tournament, could it be Mission Hills? If would surprise me that a resort course would enforce dress code rules that way.

  9. I officially hate that woman in the locker room.

  10. Not for reporting on Sandra for her shorts but for reporting on me for being in the ladies' locker room.

  11. I get really mad when it comes to this subject. Why does
    it matter to you if I wear short shorts or not?? We are all out to better our golf and enjoy ourselves. If you are more concerned about attire I feel you've got nothing better to do with yourself.
    I play private courses sometimes and wear pretty short shorts, if they have a problem I normally bring another pair of longer ones but I don't feel as comfy. These courses are hurting for money yet thy still moan and complain.
    Let's hope one day the people who have the clothing issues(jealous) can get over it and just focus on the golf !!!!

  12. My only comment is I have seen par 4's with less length than Sandra's beautiful legs so I agree with the sentiments here.

  13. in these very tough economic times, especially in the world of golf and private clubs losing members at an alarming rate, that they would say anything to Ms Gal other than, "thanks for coming (and bringing those legs of yours), have a great time, be comfortable and have fun". Short sighted traditionalist like this make it very tough to bring new players to the sport if they feel they will be "judged or scorned" by the old guard. I say, embrace them all, we need every player that we can get, please don't drive anyone away!
    Sadly, this is far from the first time I've heard a story like this....

  14. The dress code at my club only has pictures of unacceptable male dress (no sleeveless shirts, tops to be worn inside trousers, no jeans, long socks with knee-length shorts). The only rule any of us take notice of and is actually enforced, is the "no jeans". I did jokingly ask the pro about the length of shorts/skirts for women and he confirmed that it totally depended on the attractiveness of the legs wearing them.

  15. You started the post refering to M wei loosing her ballance....Wei grounded her club in a hazzard because of lack of experence and then tried to lie her way out of she has done before...and I bet will try again...
    Wearing revealing cloths is usually a sign of a poor golf game for most women...its less noticable that way...
    Cmon girls, we can see tru all the distractions....most of the time...

  16. this is funny because you can blame the club but i would bet a woman was behind the "complaint" to follow dress code - no guy i know would "complain" that a woman on the course was wearing something too short !

    morevover these things are dumb, especially at a club that has TENNIS, as those women wear more provocative clothing than i've ever seen on a GOLF course - (luckly, some of those old bats keep themselves in good shape ! LOL)

    what i find interesting in this contemporary group here there is NO reference to women golfers of years past - it's as if you ladies are the first women to experience GOLF yet the history of women golfers goes back ages !

    no this was another woman behind that "complaint" !

    ft lauderdale


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