Sandra Gal's Shorts & The Lady in The Locker Room

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about country club dress codes.

It was inspired by an unfortunate aquatic incident that took place at the Kia Classic, when Michelle Wie lost her balance while trying to hit her ball from a water hazard. Some surmised that her ultra-short skirt... and her concern for keeping it in place... might have distracted her and contributed to the two point penalty she was ultimately given.

In the post I explored skirt and skort length, and the fact that so many LPGA players actually wear their skirts substantially shorter than allowed by the dress codes of the clubs they play at.
It got me wondering if these draconian country club dress codes were ever enforced; would a "normal person" be allowed to play in the tiny garments some of the pros wear, or would the "average Jane" be sent to the pro shop to purchase something more... substantial?

Well to some extent, that question was answered yesterday by LPGA player Sandra Gal.
The statuesque brunette beauty is known as @TheSandraGal on Twitter and posts there quite regularly about her life on tour. Her Tweets yesterday told an interesting story.

Sandra was in Palm Springs, and the day started out just fine:

 ... but upon arriving at the Country Club, the pretty German golfer encountered the dreaded dress code police:

... in the form of a dour-looking woman lurking the ladies locker room:

It seems the woman noticed Sandra's shorts, gave her a dirty look, and promptly reported her to authorities. The long legged LPGA pro was told to change.

This last tweet effectively answers our question. As long as she was playing in a tournament there was no problem with Sandra wearing the "short shorts", but once she was playing as a "normal person" they were deemed unacceptable and were suddenly in violation of the club's dress-code.

It's probably something us ordinary girls should keep in mind when we find ourselves inspired by those micro-skirts the ladies are wearing on tour. From the response Sandra received on Twitter however, it doesn't seem that too many guys have a problem with short shorts. At least not when they're worn by the spectacular Sandra Gal.

Thank's go to golf twitterer Bill Roberts aka: @balabill, for bringing Sandra's dress-code debacle to my attention.