Yesterday's frustration = today's opportunity

This past weekend I played 36 holes; 18 on Saturday at my happy little par three in Southbury, then 18 Sunday on the perpetually soggy greens of CandlewoodValley. Well, for me - it was just great. My drives were solid and straight (well 80% of them were - the other 20% didn't go anywhere at all)and my putting was often quite brilliant (or lucky). I even managed to hit a few half way decent fairway shots. I usually mess up ALL of my fairway shots.Ok , so it wasn't up to the standards of even most rudimentary golfer but pretty damn good by mine. The weather was awesome too, sunny, warm end-of-summer weather. So I was happy...and I couldn't wait to get to my local driving range after work yesterday to reconfirm to myself that I could consistently hit the little white ball that had at one time seemed so elusive. Well, it just didn't happen. It was once again elusive. I was OK with my driver...just OK...and a disaster with all of my irons. And I tried all of them, hoping one would have mercy on me. But no, they were all being impudent and uncooperative. I hit four buckets to no avail, my last swing, (with a five iron)yielded an unenthusiastic five yard knock off the toe of the club face. Frustrating? Yes, for sure it is. But the thing about golf is that redemption is always possible the next day...or the next week...whenever there's a half hour to spend hitting balls again. I'm hoping that'll be today. My opportunity for reemption. We'll see.