It rained - so I had my nails painted orange

By the time I was able to leave the office it was pouring, which effectively eliminated my opportunity for redemption at the range. That will come eventually. In the meantime I decided to face the torture of my bi-weekly manicure/pedicure. I like golf, I don't like having my nails done. I hate the nail salon. I hate everything about it! ...but alas, it's an integral part of the normal maintenance routine for a sexy, flirty little sugar baby such as myself. I accept that. So, ignoring the fact that summer would officially be over in a couple of days, and disregarding any notions of good taste I decided on bright orange for my fingers and toes. I'm talking about a really, really bright, really, really orangy, orange. Orange happens to be one of my favorite colors. Along with turquoise, pink, lime green, sparkly, glittery and see-through. Yes, those are all colors, at least in my book. Anyway the resulting look is amazing...totally hot and goes perfectly with my bright orange ultra-short, non regulation golf shorts and my orange Calloway baseball cap. Now I just need to get this glove.

When I got home last night Nick told me he had booked me a lesson at Ridgewood, so that's where I'm going this afternoon. And today it's sunny and beautiful. I'm toally pyched.