As predicted

...the weekend was awesome! On the ride up we drank copious amounts of my favorite white wine. That set the stage for some...interesting (some would say funny, goofy or mediocre) golf. The day was great and Lake of Isles is beautiful this time of year with the leaves just beginning to change. Nick and I both hit some great shots over water...well Nick did. I lost lots of balls. But wait a minute, I hit some good shots too. One putt 15 yards. My fairways weren't awful (like they usually are) either. OK, at one point I got stuck in the sand and had a minor temper tantrum, but I got over it. It was just Nick and I, and several families of deer in the afernoon sunshine. After golf we went back to Foxwoods and met June and Halim for the Bill Maher show, which was fan-tas-tic! We ended the evening by eating and drinking to an excess. Then on Sunday (yesterday) it rained which made it perfect for sleeping late, detoxing at the spa, eating a massive, champagne soaked brunch, working out, having a massage and reading (John Updike's, Golf Dreams). Nick did his fair share of "gaming" too. So, all in all it was pretty stellar. Now it's Monday. The sun's out again, and after work I'm going to the driving range.