Ultimate Golf Fantasy

OK, so most golfers dream of playing Pebble Beach or St Andrews. That's natural, I suppose. They're famous courses, steeped in tradition, and undeniably beautiful. I recently took an informal poll of my golfing friends and those were the top golf dream destinations, along with a smattering of votes forBallybunion, Brandon Dunes, and Pinehurst. Nick said his dream was to play Carnoustie (OK, dream on Nick). Well my golf fantasy is somewhat different; I want to play where the fairways flirt with the clear blue skys; La Paz Golf Club.

You see, despite my ever improving game, what I'm really looking for is a total experience, and I do believe that playing the course mas alto del mundo would afford me that. The thing is, Bolivia is an unbelievably beautiful and fascinating country. I know; I was there a few years ago. Before I took up golf, unfortunately. But yes, it was awesome... surreal almost. Perhaps because of the altitude, everything had an illuminated aspect...like those bright Kodachrome photos. Now, I have really excellent lung capacity (equal to that of a 6 foot male I was once told) so I was able to handle the lean air quality, but not everyone can and that would probably give me an edge in a golf game. I'm always looking for an edge. And ...salteñas! Salteñas are these little meat and potato pies that are just so succulent. They're the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. Seriously. And they're like, the Bolivian national dish I think, because they're everywhere. Then there's the shopping: think silver, alpaca sweaters and ponchos, bright colored Andean knits. In addition to the majestic peaks of the Andes, Bolivia also has Amazon tributaries surrounded by rain forests, Lake Titicaca, and a facinating local culture.

So, others can keep their Pebble Beach dreams, I'll opt for my Bolivian one. But that's just me. What's your golf fantasy? I'd love to know.