After several days of consistently hitting fat or thin... of repeated flubs and dubs and whiffs and wormburners... my swing's back! And it feels great. Very... let's say... empowering. Actually, the truth is, it feels sexy. Particularly after that four day spell of inadequacy and self loathing. The swoosh...TING of those well hit golf balls was deeply satisfying. And yesterday, as they soared into the autumnal Connecticut afternoon, over the gentle undulations of... the driving range... I experienced some degree of bliss.

Now keep in mind that, at best, my drives average maybe, 120 yards. So I guess my swing still needs lots and lots of work. But, no doubt about it, it feels good when it feels good, and for now I'll just be happy I was able to bring sexy back. BTW - I don't particularly like the song, and BTW is Justin Timberlake supposed to be sexy? Personally, I don't see it, but I must admit, I do kind of like his swing.