Am I the Only One Who Finds Greg Norman Scary?

With his icy blue eyes and weird platinum blonde hair he's always reminded me of some kind of Aryan alien. The shark hat always looked kind of sinister to me too, and I've heard he can be less than friendly with media people. Well apparently none of this bothers Chris Evert. She's going out with him. Not that they're admitting it. The most they've said is that they're "close friends". Come on, didn't they ever see When Harry Met Sally? If they had, they'd know that "a man and a woman can never be friends, without sex getting in the way".

My friend fellow blogger Nigel, from Illogical Golf Blog tipped me of to this rumored romance. He blogged about it a couple of days ago while I'd totally missed it. It wasn't even on my who's-dating-who-golf-gossip radar. I guess I just don't picture 50+ year-olds dating, and they're both 51. I was right there when Sergio got together with Mr. Norman's daughter, but news of these sentimental seniors took me by surprise. I wish them well though. And they might want to check out Dr. Ruth's new book That is, when they become more than "close friends".