Golf Gifts I : Stocking Stuffers

As planned, I hit the driving range after work yesterday, and one thing was immediately clear: It's winter in CT. Well, maybe it's not officially winter, and it wasn't even that cold, but it was dark. At 5:15! I mean really dark. Like middle-of-the starry night dark. And the Christmas lights were on. That's a sure sign. Right? The pumpkins had been removed from the porch and the small pine trees were twinkling with fairy lights. I could've gotten all depressed over the demise of the golf season, but instead I embraced this change of seasons and looked at a couple of bright points: A)I have access to a heated, well lit driving range just minutes from my office B) Christmas is coming and Christmas = Golf Gifts.

So...gotta get started on my list! I'm starting with the stocking stuffers and I think I'm going to need a really big stocking. Here are a just a few of the things I'm fully expecting hoping to find in my oversized sock, so I'm counting on Old St. Nick to be reading this...or at least my old husband Nick.