All the (Golf) News That's Fit to Print

I'm a junkie when it comes to golf stories. I can't seem to get enough. And like a true addict I'm open to pretty much anything when it comes to securing my fix. The stories that satisfy my cravings can be quire random, as long as they deal with golf in at least a peripheral way. So I was delighted when, in my constant quest for interesting tidbits and fun factoids, I came upon Cybergolf. The purpose of the Cybergolf business is to provide website design and marketing assistance to golf courses and businesses, and that in itself is a great thing - the more rounds played the more revenue generated the better for our sport, right? But the thing I really love about the site is that it's such a comprehensive source of news and information, much of it exclusive, on all aspects of golf. From golf course design, to golf fitness, to book reviews. Lots of international stories too and first person accounts of unusual golf experiences. And there's a full section on women's golf...and tour updates and lot's of other stuff. I think I'll be visiting Cybergolf often. Looks like no more golf news withdrawal for me.