Past Peak? For Foliage Maybe, But Not For Golf!

Yes, the trees are nearly bare and the breezes can be brutal, but we're not ready to pack up our clubs yet. No way! We played two rounds on Saturday at Vail's Grove, another friendy neighborhood 9 hole just minutes from our house. Old fashioned and friendly, Vail's Grove opened in 1929, so there's some history in the homey little clubhouse, and on Saturday there was a welcome fire blazing in the stone fireplace. The course is hilly and the greens undulating. Personally, I like hilly and undulating - hate flat - so this suits me fine. Amazingly, I didn't lose my ball once. That must mean I'm hitting better, though sadly, it wasn't reflected in my score. My putts just weren't happening. Had lot's of fun though AND I wore a great new golf shirt from GirlsGreen that I'm gonna post about later today. As I always say, you can't go wrong with the right clothes, and that's especially true when it comes to golf clothes.