A Golf Phone - How Cool is That?

Really uber cool if you ask me! It's from Nokia, of course. I say "of course" because, to my mind Nokia consistantly comes out with the most innovative, interesting phones and devices. Anyway, this phone, the N93 Golf Edition, is not only a beautifully designed state of the art mobile phone. It's also a flaming, cutting edge digital camcorder AND it's loaded with Pro Session Golf software that allows you to capture your golf swing using a golf specific video capture mode. The captured swing can then be compared with others using a split screen, played back frame by frame and aanalyzed with easy to use drawing tools. And this all takes place in a compact little hand-held. It kind of blows my mind. But here's the bad part: It's not available in the US. The N93 is, sort of, but not the golf edition. Probably won't be for at least a year. If then. So for now I'll probably have to stick with my elegant little 7380. And it looks like I won't be turning my bogeys into birdies anytime soon.