Hannigan Golf Grips

A couple of days ago I got an email from Scott, a really nice guy with a really great product. How rare is that, right? Anyway, he's a golf blogger too, so I don't know when he finds time to sleep. His company, creates high tech, high performance, championship-winning grips in hundreds of unique, traditional Irish and Scottish tartans. The variety in these interwoven hues is truly amazing. There are tartans to appeal to every color preference, and if you happen to be of Irish or Scottish heritage...or want to gift someone who can find your(or her) own family tartan! He's got links to "tartan finders" right on his site. I'm having a putter grip made in my own proud Hannigan family tartan shown above. Quite frankly, I never even knew there was a Hannigan tartan, but there is and it just happens to be ultra, ultra beautiful. And I'm having my grip personalized with my name. Scott does that as well. Christmas is coming, so check out the site and don't worry if you don't like plaid, they've also got lots of non-tartan designs including; State and National Flags, Major League teams, Zodiac Signs and more. Oh, BTW as soon as my grip is ready, you can be sure I'll be showing it off here. I'm proud of my heritage, and my newly found family tartan.