Blissful Golf Weekend in the Tri-state

End of November, 2006: Here in New York City's pastoral banlieu, November's last weekend was blissfully sunny and mild. So, after a rainy of excessive eating, drinking and Twilight Zone reruns... we spent Friday and Saturday playing the kind of golf I just love; the really sensuous, relaxing kind. It's golf you can only play at this time of year when the masses of fair-weather golfers have put away their clubs for the season. There's no one behind you and you feel free to experiment with all kinds of crazy things: You try the shots you'd never attempt on a busy high-season course. If they don't work, you just grab another ball and do it the conventional way. You stop for cocktails after the first nine - and bring one out with you for the back nine. Then there's the impromptu putting contest on the most challenging green of the course. (Actually, that sort of sucks cause I always loose and have to be Nick's slave for the rest of the weekend) The thing is, it's a perfect way to say good-bye to golf for the season, and thanks to the weather gods we were able to enjoy it to it's fullest this year.
On Friday we played Gainfield Farms. As you can see, it was perfectly maintained despite the previous day's storm. This is what the same course looked like in early October. Pretty much the same but with touches of gold and orange.

Saturday at Centennial: Blissed out in my fave GirlsGreen shirt, I did some sunbathing...

...and sipped bloody marys. I played some pretty good golf too, though I have no proof of that.

Nick is always much more serious than I am. That's his problem.