"Golf Goes in Waves" - The Extraordinary Optimism and Extreme Confidence of Ms. Wie

After what turned out to be a "pretty tragic" performance (+17) at the Casio Open, Michelle was circumspect... but definitely not about to give up. "Golf goes in waves," said Wie. "I've played some pretty bad rounds lately and hopefully it's time for some good rounds."

So there. And the best part is that she firmly insisted the poor performance wouldn't deter her from playing in men's events. "Not at all," said Wie , "I didn't play like myself today and it doesn't bother me, because I know I can play much better than this. I learn a lot from playing with the men." As Wie biographer (and fellow golf blogger)Jennifer Mario said about Michelle, "We could all use a dose of that kind of confidence". Amen.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving was a wash-out here in CT, but a nice wash-out. An obscenely copious and delicious Thanksgiving meal...lots and lots of TV and reading... leftovers from aforementioned obscenely copious and delicious meal. Decidedly, the 2 1/2 inches of rain didn't faze us much at all. And today, it was gorgeous! Played up at Southbury with Nick. And guess what? Just like Michelle at Casio, I didn't get any birdies. Not a single one. In my case however, no one was too surprised.