Golf Girl's Best of the Best of 2006

Join me tomorrow when I present my first annual Best of the Best list. The categories are:

Most Interesting Player - Male
Most Interesting Player - Female
Sexiest Player - Male
Sexiest Player - Female
Most Stylish Golf Outfit - Male
Most Stylish Golf Outfit - Female
Most Exciting Tournament - Male
Most Exciting Tournament - Female
Juciest Golf Gossip Item
Most Innovative New Golf Product
Best Golf Girl's Diary Post
Biggest Golf Blunder
Best Golf Blogger

...and any other categories I can think of between now and tomorrow. If you have any suggestions let me know and I'll try to include them. The only criteria is that they not be overly serious. I'd prefer to let the bloggers with more profound golf knowledge cover those lists. I'm fine with the fluffy stuff.

You can be sure be sure my list will be totally subjective... and possibly a bit controversial. So tune in tomorrow for the winners.