A Slightly Overindulgent Christmas Weekend

As predicted the weekend was a blissful blur of eating, drinking and gifting excess.

I got some great gifts: A $100 debit card for hitting balls at our driving range, a $500 gift card for Chris Clark's, where they have a huge selection of really cute golf clothes for size 2 Golf Girls... and the Paloma Picasso golf tee tool I've been yearning for. I gave some pretty good ones too. I Got Nick a Nikon Rangefinder and a golf cart heater. Both of which he really liked and both of which I'll surely accaparate borrow.

As predicted, Nick DID NOT get me the LV golf bag. Supposedly it was too expensive. OK, I guess he's just not that into me. Message to Nick: If you want to redeem yourself you better get it for me for my birthday...or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

It's a bit of a slow week for golf blogging, so I'm using this time to work on my list of New Year's resolutions. I've got it divided into three categories: Golf Goals, Blog/Writing Goals and Life Goals. I'm also making a Best of the Best of 2006 list, where I'll reveal my pics for best Golf Outfit, Golf Story, Golf Shot, Golf Scandal etc. That should be fun. I'll be posting about these things in the next few days.
I'm actually pretty psyched about what's to come in 2007. Especially that LV bag.