Partying + Playing Golf = A Weekend Well Spent

Season's Greetings from Patricia, Jordan and Cathleen.
(It took us four hours... and several strong drinks each to decorate that damn tree)

Cat and Pat, known on golf courses the world over as the Tap-in Twins.

On Saturday night we went to a festive party at the local Lebanese Church.

They never had parties like this at our Catholic Church. Maybe that's why we stopped going.

Sunday was beautiful. Mid 50s and sunny. And Candlewood was still open, so that's where we went.

Nick got very angry when I took his picture mid-swing...and threatened me with his driver.

...but Nick doesn't scare me at all, and I was putting really well thanks to some tips from Golfchick and my lucky Hannigan putter grip. I think the Tasty Golf Tees helped too. I chewed a cherry flavored tee all afternoon. Yum.

Last round of the season? Sadly, I suspect it was.