Awesome Alvaro

Is he adorable, or what?
I just love the way the vest offsets the lime green striped shirt too. And you know... that's a really hard look to pull off... the short sleeved shirt under the knit vest...right? But Alvaro Quiros makes things work. Like he did at Dunhill over the weekend, with an awesome putt for eagle from 65 feet on the 18th... which literally shaved the hole... leaving him with an elegant little tap-in for birdie. This metrosexual Spaniard from Cadiz certainly seems to have it going on...in more ways than one. The only thing I don't like is his penchant for visors. Visors should be against the law, they're just wrong. However everything else about Alvaro is fine and I hope we see more of him, literally and figuratively.

UPDATE: Incriminating evidence of my own visor-wearing past...and the fact that I'm easily distracted while putting.