The Wonderful World of Winter Golf

I'm writing this from my office in Danbury CT at 5:15pm. It's 31 degrees outside right now, the dark night illuminated only by a waning harvest moon. It's windy enough to make it feel 10 degrees colder. I'm getting ready to head out to the driving range. The range is heated of course, but it's still daunting to go out on a winter night. We're closing in on the shortest day of the year, so it'll soon be getting better. That's how I comfort myself, anyway. All these winter images got me to thinking about Sweden. Despite it's frosty climate and long winter nights, Sweden seems to produce lots of high level golfers. It's estimated that 6% of Swedes play golf, one of the highest percentages of any country in the world. Obviously the stalwart Swedes are out on the range in all temperatures and weather conditions. Are the Euros just tougher than us? I mean, check this out: In the French Alps they even play snow golf. So that's it, I'm not going to be a wimp. I'm ready to face the harsh winter night. And spring can't be that far off, can it?