Winter Golf and a Week of Servitude

This morning I got up early and cleaned Nick's clubs. They were really a mess after a weekend of rough, wet golf. When I get home from work later I'll be polishing Nick's golf shoes. Nick has eight pairs of golf shoes, that's sixteen individual shoes. I hate polishing shoes. There will also be the massages, the daily hour-long deep-tissue massages that Nick is insisting on. You know how tiring that is? And of course there are all those things I can't mention here, you know what they are. Well, servitude is servitude and Furyk's win at the Nedbank yesterday put me solidly in the roll of submissive servant till Friday. Nick's man Furyk won - my man Ernie didn't. But Ernie tried so hard and I appreciate that. I'm thinking it must have been ultra-stressful for him to know that my freedom was dependant on his winning. So much so that he actually threw his club violently at the 14th hole during his third round on Saturday. Got fined 1,000 Rand for it too. That's so unlike Ernie. ...and he's so cute when he's mad. BTW - Sergio got fined for throwing clubs too. I guess I'm just attracted to those bad-boy types. Oh well.

Other than the Nedbank fiasco, my weekend was won-der-ful! We played on Saturday and Suday. Saturday at Oxford Greens, a relatively new course about 40 minutes from chez nous. It was true December golf; icy cold and blustery, with only a few stalwart souls on the course. We weren't too impressed with the course but I think that had more to do with the stark time of year than anything else, and I'm looking forward to playing it again come spring. On Sunday we played at Candlewood Valley. Though still cold, it was less windy, thus felt warmer. And I had made a thermos full of Hot Rum Chocolate which we sipped throughout our game. It was quite heavenly. Our last round of CT golf for the season, I strongly suspect, so good to end it on a happy note. And I'm sure I'll get through the week of servitude...even though I'm already tired of wearing the French Maid costume.

A CT golf course in winter. This was Sunday at Candlewood Valley.

I like winter long as I can bring along my hat, mittens and hot rum chocolate.

Nick always keeps his balls clean. Fortunately.